9 Reasons Why I Love the Hell Out of Jason MacDonald from Stone Soup Kitchen

1. He looks like Tom Cruise, but minus the cray cray. Like he doesn’t make his wonderful wife, actress Catherine Dyer, incubate his alien spawn or anything. (I would totally incubate Jason’s alien spawn, Catherine!)

2. When one of the parents at my daughter’s school died suddenly and tragically a few years ago, I mentioned it to Jason and he donated a beautiful cornucopia of food to serve at the wake.

3. He flirts with me.

4. When my daughter was seven years old, Jason let her set up a lemonade stand in front of Stone Soup Kitchen so she could earn $20 to buy her Halloween costume. The lemonade was offered in exchange for donations only, and here’s the thing: Someone donated a $20 bill at the end of the day, and that someone swears it wasn’t him (but my daughter swears it was).

5. He lets me hog a whole booth to myself to camp out all day and write my column. I always assure him he can “just tell my ass to move the minute you need this table, okay?” And the one time in eleven years he ever took me up on it, I thought it would be funny to jokingly act all offended, only the actual customers he was trying to seat there didn’t know it was a joke (or who I was) (imagine that!), and the whole scene sort of hit the ground like a safe, but he was totally cool about it and wouldn’t let me stay mortified for very long afterward.

6. In a past life he was a model for the covers of romance novels. I swear this is true.

7. I can use him as bait to get Grant Henry to meet me at Stone Soup (see below).

9. In addition to being the owner of Stone Soup, he’s a well-known actor, and he stars in stuff.

(My 3 Favorite things I like to order at Stone Soup Kitchen:
1. Cheese-Grit Bowl topped with egg over medium, fresh tomatoes and jalapenos
2. The Gangsta Grilled Cheese
3. Anything on the specials menu)

Typos, if any, are intensional.

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  1. And he is a wonderful person as he was wonderful with an employee, Melissa, in a personal event. I hope she’s still thankful. I am.

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