The Jodi Arias 6 Benefits to Being a Psychopath


1. Psychopaths focus on the positive — Jodi Arias said, “Mark my words, no jury will convict me,” even though there were time-stamped photos of her holding her lover Travis Alexander’s severed head by the hair. (Practically)

2. Psychopaths don’t take things personally — Jodi Arias was hardly fazed when the prosecutor showed lurid blowups of the home porn she starred in with Travis right before she butchered him. Then she continued to calmly maintain she was the reluctant innocent and he was the aggressive deviant, even though the world has seen her entire gyno-splat and it looks like its had more traffic than the Holland Tunnel.

3. Psychopaths aren’t hindered by feelings — Jodi Arias covers her eyes when she cries, probably to hide the absence of actual tears. She also sent flowers to her lover’s grandmother after his body was discovered, and during the memorial she left a note in the guestbook that told Travis he was “beautiful on the inside and out.” (To her credit, she would know what he looks like on the inside since she hacked his neck open.)

4. Psychopaths are never responsible for anything — Jodie Arias admits killing her lover, but refers to the incident — which entailed 27 stab wounds, a near-decapitation and a bullet to his brain — as “when Travis passed away.” So it isn’t her fault, see?

5. Psychopaths are creative storytellers — Jodi Arias is going on day 18 of entertaining the judge and jury with her tall tales of pedophile linebacker lunging boyfriends and prankster teenagers and anal sex and coincidentally burgled grandfather guns and mysterious fogs and scrambled brains and lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

6. Psychopaths are chameleons — To bolster her claim before the court that she is a meek victim of abuse, Jodi Arias went from looking like this:

to this:

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  1. I’ve seen this the movie a thousand times. The flying monkeys scare the shit out of me everytime I watch even though I know its comming I still cover my eyes.

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