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Tuesdays with Grant: 3 Reasons Why He Should Buy Me a Manor

Grant goddam Henry


Grant Henry is my best friend and probably the reason why I never married (very much). So for this reason he owes me, and I think he knows it, because sometimes I’m able to bend him to my whim, like when he Read more →

Grant Henry’s 6 Most Hated Self-Important Statements from Drunk Suck-Ups

Grant Henry at CHURCH

We all have our weird shit we hate. Every Tuesday I have coffee with Grant and Lary (who may or may not actually be there) and we talk about ours. For example, I hate beets and heartless narcissists. Lary hates humanity and street names with the word “Chipmunk” in them. Grant, though, is OCD so he has to categorize his — like there is the  “misleading things to write in a craigslist used-car post” category, and the “common wallpaper patterns of suburbia” category. Grant owns a popular bar in Atlanta. Below are six from his “self-important statements from drunk suck-ups” category: Read more →

Size Matters; Grant Henry’s Tuesday Tips

Grant Henry

Grant Henry is my best friend and the owner of CHURCH bar in Atlanta. Every Tuesday morning we have coffee at his place. (We used to have coffee at Java Vino, but Grant is too famous now.) Mike is usually there and sometimes Lary is, too. The following is from this morning’s conversation. It may make sense, but probably not:

Grant: My new coffee cups hold half as much as the old ones.

Mike: They’re diet coffee cups.

Grant: No, my old ones were so huge Read more →